Being a developer and project manager
working with market-analysis, as a Data-visualizer and developer.

My work consists of knowing how to show patterns in data, and how to mass-produce locale-specific reports. Utilizing advanced software or making our own systems for advanced or very specific tasks.

  • Dolor

Automated Reporting

I have engineered and developed a system for handling big data calculations on survey-data, a system that serves as a bridge between our data-collection and our reporting platforms.
Tableau & spotfire or Powerpoint and excel - all is integrated to serve all needs.

Big Data

Being able to work with the massive amount of data collected, is one of the biggest challenges in the industry today, and will be even bigger tomorrow. Every agency needs to address how it works with data, in order to produce meaningful insights for its clients faster and more precisely.


I have working experienced in many fields and have an everylasting hunger for new challenges. I started working with data-analysis coming directly from studying Art-history. While i was doing my bachelor thesis (on the role of designer furniture in the creation of consumer-identity) I was doing 1000s of automated reports on multiple languages with complex calculations.

Who am I, and why?

What makes my day go, and what can I offer?

  • Young and ambitious

    I am used to working into the evenings and weekends if that is required of me. I have a high sense of responsibility.

  • Technology wiz

    I have been raised with a mouse in my hand, my father was a programemr and while others were playing football, we were coding small projects or webpages, this has given me a very good technical understanding of everything from cluster computers to vintage turntables.

  • Programmer

    I have been doing webpages since i could read, along both typical programming languages (C#, Java, Visual C, PHP, JavaScript) to more mystical ones.(Shockwaves Lingo, LabVIEW)

  • Music enthusiast

    while having a spotify subscription, i am bitten by the expensive bug of buying original vintage Vinyl (1st pressings) and maintaining a collectable vintage turntable.

  • Purist at heart

    Some would say of me that I am setting the bar very high for myself in every aspect, but the fact is I enjoy living life, and life can easiest be felt as lived when it is lived at the fullest. I try to go into everything i do with the atitude that only the best is good enough. I am not comfortable with handing in something that is just good enough.

  • Multi-country oriented

    I am used to working together with people from all of Europe on a daily basis, and i understand Danish, swedish, norwegian and english fluently while i speak Danish and English fluently.

Based in Copenhagen Denmark

My roots are coming from Jutland, but i find myself enjoying the beautiful Copenhagen together with my girlfriend and my dog